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My family has been going to the Cloverdale Pharmasave since we moved to Cloverdale 24 years ago, and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. They have always taken awesome care of all of us, they know us all by name, and they are always there to answer any of our drug or health concerns with their expert knowledge. I love their frequent seminars and love how involved in the community they are. If I’m ever asked I have and always will recommend Cloverdale Pharmasave. There simply is no better place!

Wendy Nicholls  | Wendy Nicholls

I came to know about pharmasave and their holistic approach through the Welcome Wagon coming up on 4 years ago! I had just entered menopause so I met with Lyle for a consult and also attended a seminar. I was so impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of everyone I met and dealt with. How do they remember us by name? It makes you feel like you are a big family! 

I was scheduled for gallbladder surgery and the week prior to my surgery I attended a Purica Recovery seminar. The timing was perfect as I learned that the Purica Recovery could be used to manage pain and that it repairs at the cellular level. I bought a bottle and after my surgery, I was given a prescription for pain medication. When I came to from the surgery, I was given pain meds and they told me, before leaving the hospital, to take the prescribed pills every 4 hours. My husband filled the prescription at Cloverdale pharmasave. I thought I would fill it in the event the Recovery didn’t do its job in managing my pain. I forget if it was 1 or 2 pills I ended up taking of the meds, but I switched over to Purica Recovery the day of my surgery given its healing and natural properties and the fact that there is not a long list of side effects. That brings so much comfort! I did not have to use the meds, the Purica Recovery managed the pain and I also was able to walk normally the next morning, completely free of pain! I returned the meds to the pharmacy! 

I attended one of the product events and loved it! I believe it was Lyle that made a batch of gluten free Black Bean Brownies, very delicious! I am super impressed with everything that Pharmasave stands for! You definitely can keep the p in pharmacy at Pharmasave!

Connie Johnson  | Connie Johnson


I was looking after my daughter’s cat Benny, an inside/outside cat. He fell victim to a probable raccoon attack and had what looked like a minor injury. I cleaned it and kept him inside but the cut didn’t seem to heal. I tried hydrogen peroxide and other products and then went to Cloverdale Pharmacy as I knew they catered to animals. I gathered a few products and went to the counter for advice. Once I described the problem I found out hydrogen peroxide was not a good idea and I was advised to take Benny to a vet. I went out of there having bought nothing so this advice did not profit the pharmacy in any way. When the vet saw Benny he said the wound would never have healed on its own. Surgery was required to bring the two sides of the wound together. Benny is back with my daughter and healthy thanks to Cloverdale Pharmacy’s integrity.

Ann McBurnie  | Ann McBurnie

I just wanted to thank the young woman [Pharmacist Christine Cheng] in the Pharmacy this morning for her kindness and understanding in finding and then giving to me the ‘hard-to-find’ Thyroid medication. Please know how much I appreciated this. It is a lifesaver for me.

Thank you very much.

PS: The fellow who rang up the bill was lovely too!

Excellent customer service.

Anonymous  | Anonymous

It is truly lovely to have a educated holistic provider in our neighborhood!!! It truly works and I am grateful to have you all!!!

Amy Lynn Kinvig  | Amy Lynn Kinvig

Always great information!
We have lived in Cloverdale for more than 30 years, and in that time we have sometimes gone to Cloverdale Pharmasave for much needed information on treating some of our four legged friends, be it the dogs, the horses or even the chickens. The staff and pharmacists at Cloverdale pharmacy have always been our go to for product suggestions and information on treatment options. we are so grateful to have this wealth of information so close and easily accessible. Thank you so much!

Sandy Zalit  | Sandy Zalit

My wonderful sister-in-law sent me the link to write a Testimonial for Cloverdale Pharmasave as during a recent visit I raved on about how wonderful their whole Pharmacy team is. Their service is warmly personal and knowledgeable with the added bonus of having both the pharmaceutical knowledge and holistic/naturopathic knowledge. For me and my family, if we can resolve issues holistically it’s truly wonderful to have trusted professionals direct us to the right approach and knowing they have the background to know of potential negative interactions gives us peace of mind. I truly value their advice!! We’ve been customers of theirs for 24 years and feel that they’ve become more knowledgeable and full-service over the years. Christine & Fred are so kind and approachable….as are Lyle and Christine! We truly feel we have the best Pharmacy team of anyone we know…..we are so lucky they are in our Neighbourhood!! Thank you all at Cloverdale Pharmasave 🙂

Diane Foster  | Diane Foster

Even though you are part of the global pharmasave brand, you are still the small town neighborhood drug store that provides friendly and caring service to your community. Very unique these days to find that kind of attention to customer care.

Natasha  | Natasha

I saw the ad for an information night for Ideal Protein on Cloverdale Pharmasave’s FB site.  Having tried other weight loss programs, of course I was skeptical of something new, but decided to see what it was about. I was really taken with the presentation and decided to sign up.  I didn’t want to be ‘counting’ this or that or having to figure ‘how many points this is worth’. It’s quite simple, really. You think you’re going to be hungry, but in the end you actually have to force yourself to eat all that’s outlined on the menu plan. To me, the difference with this plan is I feel I’ve been educated on how I should be eating and what to look for in packaging.
My goal was 15 pounds (thinking that was within reach). With the ease of the program, I ended up losing 30 pounds! I’ve been on Maintenance now for 3 months. I’m getting compliments and of course I tell them how I did it, what’s involved, and go see the great people with Ideal Protein at the Cloverdale Pharmasave!

For more info on our next weight loss seminar CONTACT US or click HERE for our events calendar.

Judy Hubbard  | Judy Hubbard

There are so many people who seem to turn away when you are diagnosed with cancer – that awful word that takes more and more people each year. After being diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer (as it had spread to the lymph nodes surrounding the colon), the cancer and lymph nodes were removed and a resection performed by the best surgeon around who visits you in the early morning and is there for you when I ended up in Emergency.

I was then referred to the Cancer Clinic where I was set up to get an Injection on day 1 followed by 14 days of Chemo Pills, one week “off” where you took a blood test. My critical, severe reaction to the first injection ended any thoughts I had previously of ever, ever doing that again so I was only on the chemo pills every 14 days, one week off, then commence the 14 day cycle for 8 cycles.

My chances of recovery were reduced by not taking the injections and then further reduced by having to lower the dosage due to reactions on the chemo pills. My chances were now down to 30% recovery.

The Oncologists are not able to provide any thoughts on alternative medicine or supplements that can be taken.

Upon completion of the 8 month cycle, I had to wait 3 months in order to get a scan and I was not about to just sit back and not do “something” about it. I read, I listened to 4 friends on alternatives, I eliminated white sugar and drank only Purified water (not spring, not distilled) along with many, many other items recommended by these people.

One of the friends suggested taking something that sounded like Runshi – a red mushroom and when I asked where to get it, I was told to stop by Cloverdale Pharmacy.

How fortunate for me! This pharmacy is unlike any other Pharmacy in so many ways. They cater to animals from Horses to Cows to dogs, cats and Humans. This is where I first met Fred the Pharmacist. He was so gentle and when I asked about this red mushroom (thinking it was an actual mushroom) he asked what I was going to use it for and I basically told him my situation and he started recommending other Vitamins.

There was something that was mentioned about his father (Henry) being more knowledgeable in this field and that he could help me to determine what to take and would be best for my type of cancer.

I was prepared to do anything – well just about anything – I had heard of Doctors in the States practicing alternative medicine and I had read Suzanne Somers book “Knockout” where these Doctor’s are constantly fighting the FDA (or rather the FDA is fighting them) along with a ton of websites and other books on cancer. I could not afford to travel around the States to these Doctors who have to practice in Mexico or to find the time to stay down there.

During this time my constant companion and best friend was my puppy who sat by me through pain and tears and watching TV, never leaving my side – well, my husband too.

I set up a consultation with Fred’s father, Henry. Not only did he know everything that I had read about, seen on websites but was able to draw up charts, supplements to take that I could follow at home. He was just the VERY BEST. You felt that he really cared about your well-being. Your chart was made up specifically for you. There was absolutely nothing he couldn’t answer about anything I asked (and I asked a ton of questions).

Anyone who is reading this memo has to realize that YOU are the one who has to make the decisions on what will happen and what you will do. I chose traditional (chemo) and during the long waiting period, I then decided not to wait and think that the chemo had stopped the spread of cancer and to change a few things in my life. To take vitamins and supplements to build up my immune system along with a month of detox.

This is not cheap so be prepared but it was WORTH every single penny invested.   All the time I spent reading and visiting various websites and questioned Henry on them, he knew all about them and explained to me everything (and more) on what I could do to help my body to heal.

Nothing was beyond his expertise. There was no question he could not answer and explained to me in layman terms so that I could understand the benefits for me or why the product would not be as good as another product.

I then decided my husband should also see Henry on an enlarged prostate and that too has helped him. 

Today I am “colon-cancer” free – does that mean I won’t get another cancer tomorrow – who knows. The Doctors seem to think that the chemo did the job but I know that if I hadn’t followed Henry’s “protocal” or his “Homeopathic charts” or being detoxed along with taking vitamins, taking other items that were recommended the cancer might have taken hold elsewhere.

Do you have a medical problem? Why not get a consult with Henry to see if there is something more than can be recommended. And “what if” he is able to get rid of your problem with some natural supplements. The only thing you have to do is place some Trust in this Extremely knowledgeable person. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

(Patient preferred to remain anonymous)

Anonymous Patient  | Anonymous Patient

Cloverdale Pharmasave has helped me in many ways over the past 30 years. For example, filling prescriptions in blister packs, giving advice on medications and taking measurements for occupational therapy aids like compression stockings (Anna and Lyle) and compounding medications when needed. Calling doctor’s offices for refills when allowed and deciphering instructions and doctor’s writing. They have also been great at helping with Special Authorizations for certain medications. I really appreciate being able to call the staff to get clarification on medications and ask for advice on drugs or over the counter products. If they do not have a product or medication needed they will order it in for me. One thing I really appreciated is the staff is up to date and knowledgeable with medications and alternative choices. They do not try to pressure you into buying any particular product. Another thing I like about Cloverdale Pharmasave is the reward program for purchasing items in the store. I find the prices competitive and the sale are good with a wide variety of products.

In one particular situation the staff at Cloverdale Pharmasave went above and beyond the call of duty. In 2010 I was in Langley Memorial the hospital pharmacy could not supply a particular medication. When I called from my cell from the hospital to Cloverdale Pharmasave Christine the pharmacist said, “Oh no problem I happen to be coming up to the hospital today, I will fill the prescription and drop off the medication to the hospital.” Wow, what a relief that was as I had no one to pick up the medication and bring it to the hospital.

In another situation I was driven to the Cloverdale Pharmasave by a friend after a doctor’s appointment. I was not able to get out of the van so Fred, one of the Pharmacist’s came out to my van to speak to me about the prescription. Wow, what service!! 

All the staff are very friendly and helpful showing me products and explaining information. The knowledgeable kind service given by all at the Cloverdale Pharmasave makes me feel confident and at home when I come into the store. Today great products and service are hard to find, Cloverdale Pharmasave has both!

Long time satisfied customer

Byrna Armstrong  | Byrna Armstrong

Cloverdale Pharmasave has successfully impacted my life as well as my families. Their wide variety of items along with respectful and helpful employees has made Pharmasave a convenient go-to stop for almost everything.

Marlyse  | Marlyse

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