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My family moved to Cloverdale from Vancouver 23 years ago , and we have been with pharmasave from the start. I don’t know what we would do if we ever had to move again , cloverdale pharmasave is like family , always there when we need you 🙂 In the past 5 years our sons dog ( Keeda ) has had a very bad click in her hips that was causing her lots of pain, but with the help of the staff she now gets glucosamine daily and she feels better for it. Thanks Cloverdale Pharmasave 🙂

Wen  | Wen

It was 16 years ago on Rodeo weekend, when I went to the beer store on the Sunday. This guy had a screaming kitten in a bag. I stuck my hand in the bag and this little black kitten grabbed my arm with all her might. I took her home to find she was too young to eat. I had to resort to feeding her canned milk with an eye dropper until the Cloverdale Pharmasave opened the next day. I was there early in the morning at opening time to buy kitten replacement milk, bottle and nipples. My husband had to bottle feed her during the day while I was at work. Spike is now an old girl and my husband is still her “mom”.

Foto  | Foto

Tanner, my golden lab, was getting older and starting to fall UP the stairs. Cloverdale Pharmasave staff introduced me to VetForm CT Support, and Tanner was soon happily going up and down stairs with no problems!

Ann  | Ann

“This was a life saver for me.  Lyle is amazing in his knowledge.” on Lyle Sunada’s Hormone Balancing Seminar.

Anna  | Anna

A healing story from Saskatchewan: 
Deb Guenther and her horse Trader
Testimonial provided by Fiske’s Horse Care Products
***(CAUTION: Graphic photographs of Trader’s injury)***

On January 6, 2014 Deb Guenther’s horse Trader sustained a deep gash. For two months Deb applied Fiske’s to his wound and it has healed completely. 

This is what Deb had to say about Trader and Fiske’s:

The day we found Trader it was -42. Which now we think was a blessing cause the blood froze instantly, and clotted up the wound. I keep Fiske’s in our pump shack. It’s above freezing in there (where the water pressure system is), but on some days by the time I got to Trader it was already starting to thicken…which is understandable at -35. Even so I put it on about twice a week on average…sometimes 3 days in a row ..then not at all for 5 days. The application was all weather dependant. Our horses (9) are on a acreage 6 miles from us, my Husband goes out there every day, and myself (cold weather wimp) gets out there when I can, which is why Trader did not get Fiske’s everyday!

After two months I had to pull the hairs back to even find the wound that used to be 2 inches wide. It healed with no penicillin, and no hydrotherapy, just Fiske’s! This product is amazing. And although I hope I do not have to use Fiske very often ( but Trader already has another deep scrape (bite mark?) on his rump and I am putting Fiske on it. Also I am telling ALL my friends about how great Fiske’s Works!!! Our total cost to heal this injury was less than $35.00.

Day one:

Trader Injury Day 1

Three Weeks:

Trader's Injury 3 weeks

Trader's Injury 3 weeks close up

Two months after initial wound:

Trader 2 months after initial wound

Trader 2 months after initial wound close up

Deb Guenther via Fiske's Horse Care Products  | Deb Guenther via Fiske's Horse Care Products

Over the years, the staff at Cloverdale Pharmasave have gone out of their way to help in any way that they can. They also seem to have “just what I need” whenever I go there. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great pharmacy! And no, I am not related to any of them.

Facebook Fan  | Facebook Fan

They are very personable, know me and speak to me by name. Eager to answer any questions! I love their knowledge and experience with alternative medicine!

Facebook fan  | Facebook fan

Excellent. I feel welcomed and get to speak to the right person when needed. I will definitely go back for myself if I need a pharmacy. This time I went for my dog.

Animal Health Client  | Animal Health Client

I was so impressed with you seminar last night, as well as your Pharmacy. I will have to spread the word of the Varying aspects that you provide. Compounding, Herbal , and Homeopathic remedies. Such a friendly, warm, energy of the store as well.

Arthritis Seminar Attendee  | Arthritis Seminar Attendee

I have been dealing with Cloverdale Pharmasave for over 20 years.  In the beginning we lived down the street. I had small children and got to know Lyle Sunada pretty well as he helped recommend treatments common to a growing family. Not only did Cloverdale Pharmasave look after the ‘people’ in my family, but I was able to get quite a bit of medicine for my pets without the expensive vet visit.

Then unfortunately we moved away.

In recent years my health took a sudden turn for the worse. I was at my wits end. Doctors were telling me that this was as good as I’d get, and I better quit my job. At 48 I wasn’t about to give up. I switched Doctors and was pleasantly surprised when she suggested I go and see this Pharmacist in Cloverdale. She had been getting great results from him with some of her other patients. I immediately asked my Doctor if she was sending me to Lyle. His easy going manner and genuine caring had made such an impression on me long ago, that after ten years, I still remembered his name.

By this time, I was putting on weight, losing my hair by the handful; I could barely walk across the room without a lot of pain. I felt like I was falling apart and no one could figure out how to put me back together again.

I went to see Lyle Sunada, and he was the same compassionate man I had remembered from my children’s youth.

I know when I went to see Lyle that I didn’t sound like myself. I hurt. I was tired. I was angry. I didn’t feel like me anymore.

Lyle patiently listened to my problems and then started me on my road to recovery. He combined pharmaceuticals with natural medicine, and worked hand in hand with my family Doctor. At one point when I was unable to take magnesium orally, as it upset my stomach too much, he even invented a magnesium cream, just for me!

I am finally feeling strong and healthy again. I wish I’d seen Lyle when everything first started to fall apart. I wasted four years, and countless doctor appointments, trying to find someone who could help me put my life back together again.

I could not recommend Cloverdale Pharmacy highly enough. Everyone I deal with there is pleasant and helpful. It’s a bit of a drive for me now, but worth every minute.

Tracy Grant  | Tracy Grant

Love these products [Heel, Jamieson, Purica, Quantum Hydrox, Flora, Weleda], love your store and most importantly love all of your staff 🙂  Lyle and all the staff have given me back my quality of life. Your caring and compassion for your customers health and wellbeing goes above and beyond anything I have experienced. I attended a seminar about “hormone replacement” and walked away with knowledge and guidance to help me bet my life back on track not just with menopause but with my overall health. I am so grateful to have Cloverdale Pharmasave in my neighbourhood.

Jo-Ann Sullivan  | Jo-Ann Sullivan

Dear Mr. Henry

This is to let you know that I’m really impressed by the effectiveness of your products. My horses are in preparation for the first race to come and I found every word you said about the products is correct and the horses are enjoying good health and full of energy so far.

Will place the second order in one month time.


Saad, Kuwait  | Saad, Kuwait

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