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CoEnzyme-Q-10 (CoQ-10)

February 22, 2024

CoEnzyme-Q-10 (CoQ-10) Q&A

Christine Cheng, R.Ph.

Q: I’ve heard a lot about CoQ-10. What is the best form to take?

A. Most people are aware that certain cholesterol-lowering drugs, the “statins” can deplete our bodies of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) thus resulting in muscle soreness and weakness. Bearing in mind that the heart is also a muscle, your heart could be weakened by the same medicine that is trying to save it. Taking CoQ10 can help prevent this side effect. Your age can determine which type of CoQ10 to take: ubiquinone or ubiquinol. Our bodies naturally convert ubiquinone to ubiquinol, and this conversion declines as we age. Thus, ubiquinone supplements (such as “CoQ10 M.R.B.”) are generally used in younger age groups, while ubiquinol (such as “Inno-Q-Nol”) is reserved for older age groups.

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